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     SEWANEE - PEOPLE, PLACES, AND TIMES, is a little different from the other Sewanee books that I have written.  It focuses more on what was going on during the Civil War in Franklin County in 1863.  The book includes numerous personal diary entries of soldiers who were in the area at the time.


     Ironically, I never intended to write anything in this book about the Civil War or the University of the South Cornerstone. I already included stories about both of them in my other Sewanee books.  However, I was told that numerous stories and articles written about the Cornerstone and Civil War at Sewanee, including stories in my books, contained discrepancies, a nice word for errors.


     For more than a year, I researched the Civil War and Cornerstone stories, and located documents, which verified the fact that discrepancies did exist in the stories.  I became aware of the discrepancies in 2005.  Therefore, I felt that it was my duty to tell about the discrepancies and provide my readers an accurate version of the stories for history’s sake.  Some of these stories with discrepancies have been in print for over 100 years.


     The discrepancies were discovered because union soldiers camped at University Place (Sewanee) wrote about the cornerstone in their diaries.  They gave firsthand accounts of what actually happened to the Cornerstone, which differs from what has been written previously in a number of books and articles about it.


     This book also includes the 1916 Sewanee, Tennessee Leaseholders Census; the 1930 Sewanee, Tennessee Area Census; 1932 Sewanee, Tennessee Telephone Directory, and the list of Sewanee Residence that served in WWII.


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