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     The book EARLY EPISCOPAL CHURCH RECORDS, contains collated information obtained from public records on microfilm and are copies of written records kept by officials of the Episcopal Church for Sewanee, Tennessee and its surrounding area.  This microfilm can be found in the Jesse Ball DuPont Library, at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee.  The original documents were part of the Otey Memorial Parish Register, Sewanee, Tennessee.  The information herein also includes that of smaller churches and missions that functioned in the area.  Of those records available, only baptisms, marriages and burials were transcribed.


Volume I


Baptisms                                              1872-1884

Marriages                                             1877-1884

Burials                                                 1875-1884


Volume II                                           1895-1904


Otey Records of Service                                  pp. 2-79

St Agnes’ Cowan Mission                    p. 80

Baptisms                                              1895-1904

Marriages                                             1892-1903

Burials                                                 1895-1904

Included are: St. Agnes’

Cowan Mission and Roarks Cove        1895-1904


Volume III


Baptisms                                              1904-1932

Burials                                                 1903-1941

Marriages                                             1903-1938


Volume IV


Baptisms                                              1938-1942

Burials                                                 1939-1944

Marriages                                             1939-1949


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