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     SEWANEE – ECHOES OF ITS PAST, is a collection of stories about Sewanee, Tennessee and its people.  Many of the stories are from descendants of early settlers including their family’s history. 


     The early Cumberland Plateau settlers can be described as the hardy adventurous type willing to settle in a rugged mountain wilderness, even when towns such as Winchester and Salem, Tennessee were already established and thriving.  (Sometimes referred to as Old Salem, it was located south of Winchester.  I believe that it was the first town built in Franklin County.  It was destroyed by fire and never rebuilt.) 


     When the Episcopalians came to build their church university in the late 1850’s and early 1860’s, there was the railroad, three stage coach inns, a blacksmith shop, a sawmill, a trading post, a boarding house for sawmill and railroad workers, and one known small settlement on the Sewanee Mountain.  There was no town, and no record of a church or a school. 


     People living at Sewanee during the Civil War felt the wrath of the Union soldiers and their sympathizers or “homemade Yankees,” as they were called by some of the residents.  Matilda Smith, whose husband died during the war, lived through many hardships brought on by the “boys in blue.”  Included in the book is her story, as told by her grandson.  It is a very compelling story and gives an excellent view of what took place in Sewanee at that time.


     After the Civil War, when all the structures associated with the University of the South were destroyed, Bishop Charles Todd Quintard, came to the mountain.  Through his efforts, the town of Sewanee and University of the South became a reality on that wilderness mountain. 


     Stories of Sewanee as told by descendants of those early settlers, provide an insight into what the area was really like during its early years.  Because of these stories, there is more known about Sewanee than in the past. 


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